We Are Overcome

by Software Giant

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YOU SHOULD COME Won’t ya come to my love? I've got some today, today Don't ya think it's time you tasted your hard-earned luck today? Oh (oh) Oh (oh) Oh (oh) Oh you know you should come Cry for some oh-oh-oh Oh (oh) Oh (oh) Oh (oh) Oh (oh) Whoa-oh (oh) Whoa-oh (oh) Whoa-oh (oh) A tender hold, oh Come away, come away, come away A gentle tone, oh No, no, no, pay no attention to your own He doesn't know, he doesn't know, he doesn't know You: please come Why wait for whatcha need? Oh, please don't leave me here today, today
Maldives 03:57
MALDIVES The water’s rising—not this minute minute— the flood is years away.
 My son
 you’ll live to see it take our home. No, don’t lose hope in great nations of earth
 to come up with something that we haven’t yet heard (…come up…yeah) The water’s eating 
sweet paradise—
 the hills are leached to stone.
 Today we’re living
sweet memories of home. No, don’t run home, no, don’t pack up your things.
 Someone will save you, hold on to belief
…in science…treaties…plans… Oh, oh Don’t cry, don’t cry There’s time, there’s time Love shall defend, love shall defend The tide is taking 
the island with it
 every little bit of home
 I won’t be here to stop your panic so carry on
The Current 04:15
THE CURRENT See, see how I’m caught this way
 spun in a kinetic state
 Speed, speed is a mental state
 one only that I create

 Oh god I’ve waited for the current… See……me……Oh…..Oh…. Free, free as a paperweight
 still… passing through time and space
 Be, be every moment made
 Roam, roam in a single place

 Night, night is an ether bloom
 Day, day is a liquid moon
 Dreaming…borne out of a mountain cave (Bridge)
 Whoa! Broke my circle!
 You stole my focus!
 Whoa! Close my circle!
 You thought I’d give up…didn’t you, didn’t you? Oh, back in a blissful state Oh, mind is an empty slate
 Oh, truth is a special place one only that I create
The Collider 03:34
THE COLLIDER Let’s go underground where people are making black holes and step right into the collider Feel the breeze of particles as they’re dashing through, oh Time needs no one. Time was, is, and will. Oh, oh Let’s hitch to the stream Something is taking us higher, oh Science knows and God surely knows but it’s not for us to know, oh What I need is Time to cue the end Oh and it goes Coming back to the light, gravitate to the light Explode, explode If I could steal this moment, a moment with you, yeah Cycle back to the light, coming back to the light Explode, explode Time won’t stop as Time decays Higg’s Boson waits for Time won’t stop as— Oooo whoa…
FLESH AND FOLLY All the lovers (gone, gone, gone, gone) need each other when I'm not around Two degrees from getting play "Oh hon', been a week, I can't believe you mean it. I know everyone is waiting for you. Just open up your door." No, really I mean it, the streets have cleared out. See the beaches and dance clubs—they're full of families now. In the basement, on the roof, the flesh and folly carry on. "Oh hon', choose to see all the crowds of ready lovers. I know everyone is waiting for you, just open up your door" No-oh, no-oh “Oh please, been a week, I can’t believe you mean it I know everyone is waiting for your, just open up your door” All the lovers (gone gone gone gone) find each other when I'm not around Lovers...lovers...lovers...
Grace Jones 03:22
GRACE JONES You’ve traveled all around Come home, we need you now All over Spanish Town the starving call your name Your geometric eyes look on from far away Grace Jones… Oh, those trippin-over crowds, they don’t … know you like we do We watched you run around in fields of sugarcane Think of cousin Jonathan The hurricane destroyed his home Oh think of every soul, in need, all alone Grace Jones…la da da da da da (2x) See the lights…going down…Albert Hall See her eyes…bulging out…appalled Can you send some money soon? Don’t forget your own Oh… Grace Jones…. Grace Jones… la da da da da da (2x)
 Oh, oh Wrap up my heart, Velveteen Make it immune, make it pristine Tell every creep it’s for taking— Stop them from taking— Watch them get bold Love velvet love velvet love, oh Love make me up make up, velvet love Let go, let go of the righteous cloak… open up to silence, oh oh Soften the blow, Velveteen The blow from within no one can see Swathe it in dream’s decoration— A fine installation, a comfort for me You bring me satiny things I bring you whatever you need I was sold in your hold I bring the comfort you need Styrofoam and feather? Or should I bring you leather? Love velvet love velvet love, oh Love make me up make up, velvet love Let go, let go of the stilted tone let go and let yourself be known Uh, uh, uh, uh Uh, uh, uh, uh Sold, oh, sold
LIGHT SPACE TOURISM I've arrived in outer space Yeah the flight was uneventful I'm about to see the face the face of Highest Creation I buzz the captain: "Are we there?" He says, "Richard, put on your visor." I look out at crashing light— A fanciful show! (Bridge) The sun is the show to see while you're out here baby Life at home gets old for some I've gone through the dreams I need an obscene vacation Oh my—make a right—get close, oh Soon I'll know, soon I'll know, whoa oh, whoa oh Coming home from outer space I see the world: a puzzle of nations All the rich and powerful should get on a rocket ship— one that I own! Take a ride through the roof of sweet sweet night, sweet sweet night Gone gone gone gone gone gone gone Oh............
WE ARE OVERCOME We are overcome Take a look— Buried in our enterprise Take a look—take a look— We’ll find it when we both arrive We are overcome Oh yeah, uh uh uh, uh uh uh Old shots of us—we glowed… Oh, simple Sunday glow We’d smoke a bowl and fuck and doze We are overcome Oh what happened –“Cash the check!” – along the way? By now our lives should flow Take a trip, take a trip, Grab a nap along the way fill the glass – fill it past with emptiness, I need the space You and I had to grow with the times Or were you happy bored and broke? We are overcome Oh yeah I’ll forget, I’ll forget Leave a note at home Oh laughter on the road We drove without a place to go We are overcome Take a look— Buried in our enterprise Take a look—take a look— We’ll find it when we both arrive (Bridge) We will know the shine Cleaner than gold All we could’ve owned Blew the cash, blew the cash Spent ourselves We…
GLORY CAME CRASHING THROUGH MY HEAD One touch, forehead, wet hand, blessed… I’m gonna let the monsignor get his thrill And then I’ll grab the silver from the sacristy, yeah yeah Cash them in for dignity I’m gonna drive it up above the church and release the brakes Glory came tonight, came crashing through my head to wrong the right, yeah Here’s why I don’t trust in God’s love It was lost on me, yeah yeah I’m gonna drive it up above the church and release the brakes I’m gonna barrel down into the church where no one is safe Glory came tonight, came cashing through my head to wrong the right, yeah “Father, thank you for coming in Why don’t you tell us, how is it that you know this kid?” Gimme, gimme demigod, gimme demigod I’m gonna drive it up above the church and release the brakes I’m gonna barrel down into the church where no one is safe


The Satie biography was full of interesting facts, but SO drably written.


released May 1, 2015

Words by Dylan Rice
Music by Software Giant

Software Giant is:
Dylan Rice: Vocals
Zach Verdoorn: Bass, Vocals
Matthew Torre: Drums
Johnny Iguana: Keyboards

Recorded and mixed by Anthony Gravino at the Drake, Chicago, IL
Mastered by Peter Andreadis

Art work by Drury Brennan

(c)(p) 2015 Software Giant


all rights reserved



Software Giant Chicago, Illinois

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